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14 Best Tumblr Themes For Personal Blog 2013 ( Update October )

14 Best Tumblr Themes For Personal Blog 2013 ( Update October )

Today, we are bringing to you our list of best Tumblr themes for personal blog 2013 We picked these themes ourselves based on several criteria such as previous user ratings, appearance and features.

For those who might not know, Tumblr is a micro-blogging platform and social networking website. It is owned by Yahoo! Inc. Tumblr enables its users to post multimedia and other content in the form of short blogs.Users can follow each other’s blogs, or they can choose to make their blog private, much like a personal diary.

In website providing services nowadays, Tumblr is perhaps the second most popular choices, just behind WordPress. While WordPress can be used as a personal page, a company site or portfolio, Tumblr is also able to serve all those purposes. Moreover, Tumblr is a perfect place for photographers, designers or artists in general to showcase their works of art, whether it is pictures, writings or music, etc.

Now it’s time we take you through our collection of 14 best Tumblr themes for personal blog 2013. Remember to keep your page updated with the trend in choosing Tumblr themes nowadays. We believe you would be able to find the perfect one for your page. Now get ready to be amazed and go check out the themes yourself!



Affection Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This is a responsive Tumblr theme that has a lot of features. Affection is based on Foundation 3, which is one of the most advanced responsive front-end frameworks available at the moment.


Fast Blog

Fast Blog Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This is a customizable Tumblr theme that is perfect for an easily manageable blog with 7 different types of posts: text, link, photo, chat, quote, audio and video. It also comes with 12 different color schemes.


Silent Alley

Silent Alley Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This is a multicolor scheme Tumblr theme that offers 3 color styles. Silent Alley supports full screen background image which can be changed easily. This theme is perfect for photographer, artist or designer.




This is a clean minimal Tumblr theme that can serve many purposes. You are able to change the overall view of the theme easily. PULIRE is extremely flexible: you can use it for your personal blog, corporate website or even a portfolio!




This Tumblr theme is very customizable: you can change logo image, place your own photo in the header, change background (both color and image are available), etc. FRESCO allows you to post text, photo, audio, video, chat, link and many more types.



Evoke Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

Another responsive and highly customizable theme for Tumblr, Evoke supports all post types and comes with the endless scrolling feature. You can change the background to color or pattern, and you can also change the footer text.



Sewed Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This Tumblr theme allows you to post anything you want on your page. It has a fully responsive Pinterest-like layout and also comes with endless scrolling. Sewed supports all major browsers.


Mars Tumblr Theme

Mars Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This is a clean and responsive magazine-style Tumblr theme. It comes with pre-defined light and dark themes. Mars supports all post types and some widgets such as Flickr feed or Google Analytics.



3xistence Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This theme is specially designed for the purpose of showcasing your beautiful photos in high resolution. It is fully responsive, meaning it will work on mobile devices. All photos you upload will automatically resized to smaller versions to fit the mobile screen.


Kylix - Responsive Adsense Ready Tumblr Theme

Kylix Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This is the first HTML5, fully responsive and Adsense Ready Tumblr theme. It offers 4 easy-to-use Adsense zones that are all built with the new Adsense responsive specifications. This means it will adapt to screen sizes automatically.


Zen — A Premium Theme for Tumblr.

Zen Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

Although this is a simple theme, it is very powerful and highly customizable. It only takes you a few clicks to get a completely different theme. This theme comes with a responsive layout and Retina ready graphics.


Radiant - Responsive Theme for Tumblr

Radiant Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This responsive Tumblr theme comes with Retina icons that gives a clean display on your iOS devices. It supports all post types, with responsive photo set layout. You can change the color schemes with infinite combinations.


Pierre - A Super Clean Tumblr Theme

Pierre Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This is a super clean Tumblr theme that makes visitors pay attention to your content only. It offers scalable typography and support for most social media types. It is fully responsive on each device that visits it.


Luomo - A Responsive & Expressive Tumblr Theme

LUOMO Tumblr Theme ( DEMO / DOWNLOAD )

This is a fully responsive and expensive Tumblr theme that is designed to showcase your media at large sizes. It gives you a great amount of control over each post color palette. Therefore, you can modify each post to make it suitable to the content.

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